Rhino Rinser 300mm

Ideal for a variety of busy hospitality environments, the Rhino Rinser 300mm is designed to fit seamlessly into the bench space of cafes, restaurants, coffee bars, and juice bars. With a honeycomb drain tray and Actuator Star design, this vessel rinser prevents liquid build-up and ensures a thorough clean. The Rhino Spinjet Valve sprays and spins simultaneously, providing an efficient and effective cleaning experience. This 300mm rinser comfortably accommodates multiple milk pitchers, making it a versatile choice for any establishment.

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    900.00 GEL
    900.00 GEL

    Rhino Rinser 300mm


    EFFECTIVE MECHANICAL CLEANING - The Spinjet Valve sprays and spins at the same time creating a more robust mechanical cleaning action than regular rinsing valves. It is ideal for plungers using tea leaves, stubborn coffee grounds, and milk, and other residues that can often be difficult to clean.

    SUPERIOR DRAINAGE - The honeycomb grate design minimises the surface area of the drain tray, reducing the static build-up of liquids and making cleaning easy. The low profile body is optimally sloped and angled to ensure effective removal of liquids, reducing common odours caused by static waste. A large drain outlet and a wide grate-free opening near the drain creates a convenient location to quickly discard larger volumes of liquid.


    Dimensions (approx): 238mm (W) x 300mm (L) x 85mm (D)
    Materials: Stainless Steel

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