About Shavi Coffee Roasters

Hi guys, my name is Ryan. I’m from Portland Oregon and as far as I can remember always loved hanging out in coffee shops and trying new specialty coffee beans. 


Shavi was born out of my passion for coffee craftmanship and a real desire to celebrate the work of coffee farmers. Our roast style is inspired by some of the most amazing roasters in the world like Proud Mary or Wrecking Ball and we are always very intentional with our bean selection and taste profile to deliver high-quality products that all coffee lovers - like me - will enjoy! 



Our Values

Our approach to coffee is all about recognizing the effort that goes into every step of the process:

From cherry picking to roasting to brewing.

We are always work with people who value the hard work that goes into producing a great cup of coffee and who share our passion for continuous improvement.

Our Mission

We draw inspiration from other industries like small wine producers and craft beer. We want to build bridges between specialty coffee and the local gastronomy culture.

Our mission is about craftmanship, it’s about experimenting and it’s about sharing a product we love, with people who love it too!

Join us on our goal to uncover the world's finest specialty single-origin coffees.

What they say about us:

*we swear we didn’t give them free coffee
Xu WangCustomer

“A gathering of young people. The coffee is 4.9 points ☕️ not bad. They also sell coffee beans. It’s worth a visit.”

Fred MarsCustomer

“Really nice cafe with tasty coffee with very helpful and friendly staff that go above and beyond to help you find what you’re looking for! Apart from coffee beans they also stock a wide range of coffee appliances from chemex to airopress.”

Proudly Roasted in Tbilisi