Motta 58mm Coffee Leveling Tool Black

  • This coffee leveling tool evenly redistributes the coffee grounds in your 58 mm porta filter, providing a flat bed to tamp on
  • Helps produce more consistent espresso
  • Carbon look
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Made in Italy

Since 1967, Metallurgica Motta has been producing stainless steel kitchenware and professional items with high quality Italian design. Motta has a wide selection of coffee accessories which are present in coffee bars as well as the hotel industry throughout Italy and worldwide. The complete range of products also includes household items.

The beautiful and distinctive design of Motta stands out in a crowd with its modern design, proven functionality, and quality manufacture are present in every Motta product.

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135.00 GEL
135.00 GEL

Motta 58mm Coffee Leveling Tool Black

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