Mahlkonig Ek43s

The compact Ek43 S offers the same high-quality grinding performance as Mahlkönig's famous EK43. It's the go-to grinder for coffee bars around the world, known for its reliability and consistency in producing premium results. The EK43 is a global icon among baristas for its ability to extract the full aroma of coffee, ensuring a superior taste experience and guaranteeing quality.

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* This machine is a special order item with a leadtime of 4 to 6 weeks *

10,800.00 GEL

Key Features

Even Extraction

Outstanding particle size spreads feature high extraction rates and the best possible taste.

Premiu Burrs

98 mm premium cast steel burrs. 6000 kg burr grind life

Grind Capacity

On demand grinds at 19-21 g/s or Turkish fine at 10-12 g/s

1 Year Warranty

As an official distributor - we warranty this product for 1 year and help you with spare parts and maintenance.

Mahlkonig Ek43s


This grinder is a versatile powerhouse designed for precision grinding in any setting. With adjustable grind settings catering to espresso, drip, pour-over, and more, achieve your desired extraction with ease. Its large capacity hopper ensures uninterrupted grinding, ideal for high-volume coffee production. Crafted with durable materials, this grinder withstands the demands of commercial use while remaining easy to clean and maintain, ensuring consistently excellent results with every brew.


Max. nominal power: 1300 W

Dimensions (w x h x d): 23 x 68 x 41 cm

About Mahlkoenig

Mahlkönig is the first choice of baristas from all around the world. Their coffee grinders are regarded as guarantors for the highest coffee quality possible – since as early as 1924. Their team of engineers develops premium grinding technology combined with the highest quality materials and innovative features to bring optimal workflow to each coffee bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

In general count from 4 to 6 weeks from the day you place the order for your equipment to get to Georgia. We will help with delivery and installation and keep you updated on shipping status.

You get the same price you will get from the official brand thanks to our partner agreement. We also take care of shipping and installation.

The price is dependent on exchange rate and shipping cost. To know the exact price, contact our sales team at +995 599 011 429

Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You

Official Distributor

Which means we offer warranty up to 1 year and can order pieces from the official brand

Trusted Delivery

Between 1 to 3 weeks based on the order size. We order directly from the brand and make sure it arrives as fast as possible

Installation & Maintenance

We install the machine for you and offer maintenance for it up to 2 years
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