Fellow Stagg Dripper, Matt Black

Nail the delicate craft of pour-over every time with our unique flat-bottomed dripper, built for stability and consistency. Choose from two sizes, follow the ratio aids, and get set for success.

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260.00 GEL
260.00 GEL

Fellow Stagg Dripper, Matt Black

What we love about it:

• Steep Wall
• Vacuum Insulated
• Ratio Aid
• 15 Filters Include

Brewing Style:

Stagg [X] Dripper’s shorter height aligns with the traditional pour-over brewing method of a continuous slow pour, giving you more control over your water dispersal and extraction.

Stagg [XF]’s tall column gives you more room for the non-traditional “fill-up” method which combines the ease of immersion brewing and the great taste of the pour-over.

Expert Brewer Corner

What you need for consistant pour-over

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