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Colombia Huila Las Perlitas Washed Filter

We love Las Perlitas for its juicy and bright acidic character. One of our all time favorites that we keep coming back to time and again.

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Huila, Antioquia and Nariño


1.600 to 2.200 masl


Caturra, Castillo, Pink Bourbon


Since 2022

Farmer’s Story

Las Perlitas

From Las Perlitas | Colombia

Las Perlitas represents various small lots from farms across all of our main regions: Huila, Antioquia and Nariño. These farms typically range in elevation from 1,600 to 2.100 m.a.s.l. in which the focus is growing quality varieties. Behind the coffee contributing to the Las Perlitas lot, are small farmers committed to producing high quality coffee through experimentation and constant improvement.

Las Perlitas Huila usually include Caturra and sometimes Geisha, but with the amount of Pink Bourbon being planted in Huila these days, was created a 100% Pink Bourbon Las Perlitas, as a special distinct lot. The selection procedure is very strict, where used the same standard with each micro-lot or constructed lot. Every small lot is individually cupped various times before being included within the main lot. In addition to cup quality, each coffee must meet strict physical requirements, based on the guidelines for moisture content and water activity.

Among all the coffees of this harvest, Las Perlitas represents some of the very best of the season. To create a lot like this selected small micro lots that represent not more than 10% of the total, which were mixed to create larger Las Perlitas lots.

The team behind our beans

Shavi team is a bunch of coffee geeks having fun roasting to perfection a product that they love and care for. We love to share this passion with you and everyone wanting to learn more about specialty coffee.

Our brewing recipes are crafted by our Head Barista Givi. They are here to help guide you to the perfect brew.

Coffee: 18g

Grind Size:

Mahlkonig: 11.2
Commandante: 20

0:00 - Double bloom. Start by quickly pouring 50g of water. 0:30 Second bloom - quickly pour another 50g of water.
1:00 - Pour 150g of water slowly in spiral motion.

Total Brewing Time: 2:35- 2:45

Brew Temperature 94°C

Brew It With:

Pour-Over & Hand Brew
Proudly Roasted in Tbilisi

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