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Rwanda Vunga Cooperative Red Bourbon Washed Filter

In a country where female leadership in cooperatives is rare, Uwimana Daphrose stands out. She founded the Vunga cooperative in 2009, making it one of the few woman-owned and run cooperatives in Rwanda. We are proud to support the cooperative's work, and especially happy to share such exceptional coffee with you. We love this Rwanda for its red currant and citrus notes.


Perfect for Pour-overJuicy
38.00 GEL

Flavor Profile










Western Province


1500-2000 masl


Red Bourbon



Cooperative’s Story

260 small holder farmer-members

From The Vunga Cooperative | Rwanda

It's uncommon in Rwanda for a woman to be a president and leader of a cooperative, but Daphrose Uwimana is an exceptional coffee farmer. Vunga is one of only a handful of cooperatives in Rwanda that are woman-owned and run, and that owns its own washing station. A coffee farmer since 1983, Daphrose is the driving force behind this exceptional coffee, and having founded the Vunga cooperative in 2009. This lot was collected from the 260 small holder farmer-members of the cooperative.

The team behind our beans

Shavi team is a bunch of coffee geeks having fun roasting to perfection a product that they love and care for. We love to share this passion with you and everyone wanting to learn more about specialty coffee.

Our brewing recipes are crafted by our Head Barista Givi. They are here to help guide you to the perfect brew.

Coffee: 17g

Grind Size:

Mahlkonig: 10.3
Commandante: 17

0:00 - Bloom quickly pour 80g of water and wait for 40 seconds.
0:40 - Pour 200g of water slowly in a spiral motion.

Total Brewing Time: 2:30- 2:45

Brew Temperature 95°C

TDS 19

18 in 40 out @26 sec

Brew It With:

Pour-Over & Hand Brew
Proudly Roasted in Tbilisi

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