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Mexico El Zapoteco Washed Espresso

Following our trip to Oaxaca last year, we were excited to team up with Raw Material to source some astounding coffees from the surrounding Sierra Jaurez mountain range.

This year we've again worked Raw Material to bring you this cheerfully acidic coffee from Cafe El Zapoteco, an association of nearly 180 local families. The farmers of El Zapoteco are battling against the dual crisis of climate change and urban migration. Their work improving the quality of coffee harvests is helping provide economic and social benefits to their community while they deal with these profound challenges. We are proud to have their coffee as part of our offering.


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Santo Domingo Cacalotepec, Oaxaca, Mexico


1,300-1,700 masl


Typica, Mundo Novo, Bourbon



Cooperative’s Story

180 micro entrepreneurs

From Cafe El Zapoteco | Mexico

Cafe El Zapoteco is a community of nearly 180 local families and farmers in the Sierra Juarez mountains just outside of Oaxaca, Mexico. Romulo Chavez leads the association and has spent years establishing direct relationships with buyers, ensuring higher prices for his community and fostering a strong communal spirit among the association's producers. At the center of this vibrant community is the town of Santo Domingo Cacalotepec. The name, a blend of Spanish and Zapotec languages, means ‘mountain of the raven.’ This symbolism is beautifully depicted on their coffee bags, showcasing a raven with a coffee cherry in its mouth.

Most members of the association are of Zapotec heritage, speaking Zapoteco as their first language and Spanish as their second. This rich cultural heritage is deeply woven into the fabric of Cafe El Zapoteco, creating a strong sense of community and tradition.
Harvesting at El Zapoteco is a communal effort, relying solely on the help of neighbors without the use of migrant labor.

In the face of challenges such as urban migration and climate change, coffee cultivation at Cafe El Zapoteco has become a source of hope. By securing higher prices and creating sustainable income streams, the association helps improve the economic and social situation for its members. Coffee farming not only provides financial stability but also strengthens the community's bonds.

The team behind our beans

Shavi team is a bunch of coffee geeks having fun roasting to perfection a product that they love and care for. We love to share this passion with you and everyone wanting to learn more about specialty coffee.

Our brewing recipes are crafted by our Head Barista Givi. They are here to help guide you to the perfect brew.

18g in 45ml out @25-27sec

Brew Temperature 92°C

TDS 20

Coffee: 16 grams

Grind size:
Malkhoning: 10.5
Comandante: 18

Water amount: 250 ml
00:00 – Bloom quickly pour 50g of water and wait for 35 seconds.
00:35 – Pour 100g of water slowly in a spiral motion
1:25 – Pour another 100g

Total Brewing time 2:25-2:35

Brew It With:

Espresso or drink with milk
Proudly Roasted in Tbilisi

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