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Finca Hartmann Natural Geisha 100g

We were thrilled to have had the opportunity to visit Finca Hartmann this year and get to know the family who produces some of the finest coffees in the world. Grown in the fertile volcanic soil above Boquete, Hartmann's Geisha coffees represent everything we admire about Panamanian Geisha coffees: floral, subtle notes, and complexity in the cup.

Exceptional Coffee
Perfect for Pour-overChampions Lot
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Panama Renacimiento


1.400 - 2.000 masl





Farmer’s Story

The Hartmann family

From Finca Hartmann | Panama

The Hartmann family has cultivated coffee in the Renacimiento region of Panama for three generations. Their estate is a beautiful piece of land 3 hours away from Boquete city in the heart of the coffee region in Panama. We drove through the mountaines terrain to arrive at this beautiful oasis surounded by birds and fruit trees. When we arrived there, we met with expert barista coming to select their coffee for the national championship as the Hartmann family is well known in the region for their exceptional lots.

Coffee is not just their livelihood – it’s a part of their heritage, their culture, and their family. “From the beginning, since my parents started with this farm, they have worked the land with a lot of love and respect. We are following in their footsteps, we love this farm, we love what we do, and we intend to pass this passion on to our children.” We had the chance to meet Aliss, her husband and their 2 year old son at the farm - it’s never too early to learn about coffee. They are truly passionate about what they do and spend a lot of time.

The team behind our beans

Shavi team is a bunch of coffee geeks having fun roasting to perfection a product that they love and care for. We love to share this passion with you and everyone wanting to learn more about specialty coffee.

Our brewing recipes are crafted by our Head Barista Givi. They are here to help guide you to the perfect brew.

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