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Region: Aceh, Sumatra, Kerinci, West Java, Flores & Sulawesi

Producer: Various

Variety: Andung Sari, Ateng, Linie S-795 , Timtim, Typica

Altitude: 1 200 – 1 700

Indonesia is perhaps best known for its unique wet hulling process (giling basah). Though its exact origins are unclear, wet hulling most likely originated in Aceh during the late 1970s.

The basic process for wet hulling is as follows: Cherry is harvested and pulped at or near the farm, on small hand-cranked or motorized pulpers. The coffee is fermented overnight (in small tanks, buckets, or bags) and washed with clean water the following morning. Parchment is sun-dried for between half a day and two days, depending on the weather, to allow for skin drying which eases the removal of parchment.

Trenggiling lots deliver the unique flavors of Indonesia using the freshest harvest available, all year-round.The whole-harvest sourcing and vertical integration means you can get it all at prices that ensure both producer resilience and roaster success.

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