Guatemala Finca Familia Mendez Chichimes Natural Filter

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Black Cherry • Apricot • Dark Chocolate • Lemon

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Region: Huehuetenango

Producer: Juana & Minga Mendez

Variety: Bourbon | Altitude: 1 700


Juana and Minga Mendez, 4th-generation coffee growers in Chichimes, Huehuetenango, have been collaborating with Rosma Coffeelands since 2010. They were pioneers as female producers to partner with Rosma, allowing them to export their coffees under their own name and receive fair prices for reinvestment in their farm.

The sisters carefully handpick ripe, red cherries and sun-dry them on patios, ensuring even drying by raking hourly and covering them at night to prevent condensation. Once dried, the cherries are stored in a Huehuetenango mill with ideal weather conditions. After resting for about 3 months, the coffee is milled and prepared for export.

Huehuetenango’s high altitude and unique weather patterns, created by the convergence of hot air from Oaxaca, Mexico, and cool air from the Cuchumantanes Mountains, provide an ideal microclimate for coffee cultivation at 2,000 meters above sea level. This setting contributes to the region’s sparkling acidity and distinctive fruit flavors.

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