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Region: Sidama, Rumu Damo

Producer: Daye Bensa Cooperative

Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom | Altitude: 2100 – 2200

Ethiopia Sidama Bensa: Daye Bensa – Rumu Damo – Grade 1 Fully Washed is an exquisite coffee originating from the Sidama region in Ethiopia, renowned for its outstanding coffee production. It is sourced from the Daye Bensa Cooperative, a community of dedicated farmers who employ sustainable practices to cultivate the coffee cherries.

The coffee is grown in the specific area of Rumu Damo, benefiting from the region’s favorable natural conditions. The high altitude, volcanic soil, and optimal climate contribute to the unique characteristics of the beans, resulting in a distinct flavor profile.

After the coffee cherries are harvested, they are carefully washed to remove the outer pulp. The beans are then fermented and meticulously dried to enhance their flavors. This fully washed process results in a clean and vibrant cup with a distinct flavor profile. It is this attention to detail during processing that contributes to the outstanding reputation of this coffee.

Ethiopia Sidama Bensa: Daye Bensa – Rumu Damo – Grade 1 Fully Washed boasts a captivating flavor profile. It often exhibits a bright and lively acidity, accompanied by delightful floral aromas. The cup offers a medley of fruity flavors, including hints of berries, citrus, and tropical fruits. With a medium to full body and a clean finish, it provides a balanced and satisfying coffee experience.


Weight 0,250 kg
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 23 cm
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1 kg, 250 g




Fully Washed