Ethiopia Sidama Bensa: Daye Bensa – Bombe – Grade 1 Fully Washed Filter

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Apricot • Jasmine • Floral • Honey

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Region: Sidama Bensa, Bombe

Producer: Asefa Dukamo and his family

Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom | Altitude: 1 920- 2 020

Bombe, named after the Bombe mountains in Sidama, is the result of years of hard work by Asefa Dukamo and his family. Outgrowers from the lush Bombe mountain valley, part of a 667-member organization, deliver cherries to the Bombe Abore Washing Station near the confluence of the Bonora and Gatta rivers. The cherries grow at elevations of 1920 to 2020 meters, resulting in dense beans, primarily in screen sizes 13-14.

Washed Bombe undergoes traditional wet fermentation for 36 to 72 hours and then dries on African beds for 9 to 12 days, maintaining about 10% moisture. Natural Bombe is made from ripe cherries, floated for quality, dried on African beds for 14 to 18 days, and later transported to Addis for final sorting.

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