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Region: Santa Maria de Dota, San Jose

Producer: Solis & Cordero by Ivan Solis Rivera

Variety: Micro lot – Catuai SF05 | Altitude: 1750 m

This is the second year we’ve worked with Iván, the driving force behind Solis & Cordero Micromill. With deep-rooted community ties and an exceptional understanding of the local terrain, Iván and his wife Alejandra, carefully source the best lots from hardworking smallholder farmers in Santa Maria de Dota. During our last visit, Iván’s “black honey” coffee left us absolutely amazed. Extended contact with the fruit pulp during black honey processing allows the beans to absorb an abundance of sugars, resulting in a coffee that is not only sweet but incredibly complex in flavor with delightful notes of strawberry, melon, and creamy milk chocolate. Collaborating with Iván and his wonderful family in selecting and producing exceptional microlots like this one is what specialty coffee is all about.

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Dimensions 16 × 6 × 23 cm
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1 kg, 250 g




Costa Rica


Black Honey

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