Colombia Diego Bermudez Micro lot Thermal Shock


Lychee • Apricot • Candy

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Region: Cauca, Colombia

Producer: Diego Bermudez, Finca el Paraiso

Variety: Castillo | Altitude: 1800 masl

Diego Bermudez is a revolutionary coffee-maker from Colombia. Diego’s approach to processing coffee involves a deep understanding of biochemistry. He carefully selects microbes and manipulates temperature and ph levels during the fermentation process to draw out certain flavors. Most mills allow wild yeast to ferment their coffees. While this can result in wonderful coffee, it’s often not a repeatable process. Diego’s method by contrast, is more akin to brewing craft beer than making natural wine. This allows him to achieve more repeatable results that have explosive flavor profiles. It’s crucial to emphasize that particular flavor components within the coffee aren’t artificially added. Instead, they are intentionally formed through a carefully researched fermentation process. Luckily for us, you don’t have to be a scientist to appreciate how it tastes.

This thermal shock process coffee is everything we love about Diego’s coffees, with notes of lychee, sweet apricot, and candy.

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Thermal Shock Washed