Colombia Bourbon Sidra Natural Anaerobic Filter


Strawberry • Bubble gum • Tropical fruits • Winey • Chocolate

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Region: Pitalito – Huila

Producer: Pitalito municipality

Variety: Bourbon Sidra Altitude: 1 800


We are very proud and excited to bring you this exceptional and rare lot of Bourbon Sidra (89+) from Finca Buenos Aires in Huila Province, Colombia. The proud owner of Finca Buenos Aires, Jhon Jairo Ortiz has managed his family’s 5-acre farm for the last 16 years. It is located in El Paraiso, a community within the municipality of Pitalito. In Pitalito, approximately 18,000 families like Jhon’s rely on coffee farming for their livelihoods.

Sidra Bourbon’s origins are linked to Ecuador’s Pichincha province. While we still don’t know for sure, the coffee variety is likely some kind of genetic blend between Typica and Bourbon. Unlike other hybrids, Sidra’s creation was solely focused on crafting a high-quality cup profile, blending the rich sweetness of Bourbon with Typica’s renowned floral notes. While lesser known than its cousin Geisha, Sidra Bourbon coffees have recently won two World of Coffee Championships in 2019 and 2022.

At Finca Buenos Aires, Jhon’s process of crafting natural Sidra Bourbon coffee begins with the careful harvest of cherries at their peak ripeness, followed by meticulous sorting and a 48-hour oxidation process. Afterward, the coffee undergoes a series of steps, including a thermal shock treatment and drying, resulting in a meticulously evaluated, high-quality coffee. The processing method adds complexity, imparting tropical fruit and even candy-like tasting notes.

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