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Region: Exótico de Giraldo, Colombia

Producer: Smallholder farmers

Variety: Caturro, Colombia, Colombia F7, Castillo, Pajarito | Altitude: 1 900 – 2 300


Exótico de Giraldo is a group lot from Antioquia. It really lives up to its name because of the rarity of its sensory attributes and the agroclimatic conditions where this coffee is produced. The lot provides a beautiful clean cup with milk chocolate, a good touch of sweetness and a creamy after flavour.

The work in the regional station is hard but the team (mainly Sirley Pulgarin and Lilibeth Quintero), even if small, is able to do it all alone. Sirley is a curious producer, she is a third-generation coffee farmer and her life revolves around coffee. Her grandparents not only passed down knowledge and passion for coffee but also a piece of land. Years later, her parents decided to buy a farm in La Sierrita, where she grew up and shared time between school and supporting activities on the farm. She is now married and also owns Finca el Cuajerón with her husband, where they grow varietal Caturro and Castillo.

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