Brazil Alta Mogiana el Dorado Natural Espresso

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Black Tea •Pecan •Raisin •White Grape

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Region: Alta Mogiana

Producer: Jean Faleiros

Variety: Yellow Catuai | Altitude: 1 300


Alta Mogiana is one of the privileged coffee regions in the State of Minas Gerais. Dry climate during harvest and mountains that can provide different microclimates for a nice variety of cup profiles. According to producer Jean Faleiros this place is “the 5-stars hotel for growing coffee”.

Fazenda El Dorado are winners of the Alta Mogiana Competition and high rankings in the Cup of Excellence in the last decade.

The micro lots receive special treatment. From April to September a group of 20 women harvest the cherries, the coffee is taken to the raised beds, where a careful selection is done. The choice is often on Natural lots, where a specific fermentation process is applied. The entire process, from the harvest to the first steps of processing, including drying, milling and classifying the coffee by screen size and density is done on the farm itself. Keeping full control over the quality.

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