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Apr 22, 2024Shavi Coffee Roasters
The Original - Mickeil Zandukeli 40, Vera Tbilisi

That’s where it all started, our first location and the heart of our commitment to specialty coffee. At the beginning we were roasting in the back room of Shavi. The plan was to create a neighborhood coffee shop for everyone living in the area to have a cup of freshly brewed coffee as soon as they wake up. Hence opening at 8am - if you’ve been in Tbilisi long enough, you know not many places open early. 

It’s the perfect place to see familiar faces and chat about new brewing recipes or experiment with new beans. Our baristas love to spend time with guests in the back bar and try all sorts of new flavors. 

The Garage - Lado Asatiani 28, Sololaki Tbilisi

As we grew, we needed more space to roast. When we walked by what used to be a car wash garage, we knew we had to move there. The garage is where we currently roast all of our coffee beans. It’s a small space with a lot happening inside. But the best part of the garage is the outdoor area! It’s so perfect to chill with a cold brew in the summer, or to bring your kids and their friends for cookies after school. 

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